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10/28/2018Kenyon Kaehr "The Man with No Name"
Sunday Sermon Mark 10: 46-52
Download The-man-with-no-Name.mp3
11/04/2018Kenyon Kaehr “The Fickle Fig that Failed!”
Sunday Sermon Mark 11:12-14, 20-26
Download Sermon2018_11_4Final.mp3
11/11/2018Kenyon Kaehr “What to Say When You Roll Out of Bed”
Sunday Sermon Mark 12:28-34
Download Sermon2018_11_11Final.mp3
11/18/2018Eddie Abbott "Christ In And Around Us"
Sunday Sermon Psalms 27:4-6
Also Romans 12:3-8
Download Sermon2018_11_18Final.mp3
11/25/2018Kenyon Kaehr "The Kingdom of Heaven"
Sunday Sermon John 18: 33-37
Download the-kingdom-of-heaven.mp3
12/02/2018Kenyon Kaehr The Days Are Coming
Sunday Sermon Jeremiah 33: 1-16
Download the-days-are-coming.mp3

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